1931 Graham-Paige Car

1931 Graham-Paige Commercial Car

These pages offer information about WFL's vintage 1931 Graham-Paige commercial car, which was once owned by the US Bureau of Public Roads (BPR), currently the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and used in the construction of roads.

After providing service to the BPR, the vehicle was retired to the private sector. The vehicle currently resides with the Western Federal Lands Highway Division (WFL), a branch of the US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Office of the Federal Lands Highway Program, in Vancouver, Washington USA. As the current caretaker of this piece of American history, WFL is dedicated to restoring and protecting this vintage vehicle.

1931 Graham-Paige Commercial Car

Restoration, care, and research of this vehicle is being accomplished through the volunteer efforts of current and retired employees of WFL. It is the hope of WFL to not only provide information about this vehicle, but also to provide a glimpse into the period in which it was used by the BPR. WFL is currently searching for any additional information on this specific vehicle or the 44 series. WFL is also trying to gain insight as to how this vehicle was used through photographs and written documents.

Comments, questions, or further information regarding the 1931 Graham-Paige Commercial Car may be directed to Larry Goble at larry.goble@dot.gov.

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