Oregon Highway 35 Betterments, White River and Clark/Newton Sites

Oregon Highway 35 Betterments

Project Overview

The Western Federal Lands Highway Division (WFLHD) of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in cooperation with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the USDA Forest Service (USFS) is constructing approximately 3 miles of Oregon State Highway 35 Highway 35 in the Mt. Hood National Forest.

Highway 35 is major state highway providing regional transportation service as well as access to the Mt. Hood National Forest and other destinations. The existing roadway at the White River and Clark and Newton Creek crossings restricts the debris flows and channel movement, resulting in an unfavorable situation for both the road and natural hydrologic systems. Damage caused by debris flows from the slopes of Mount Hood through the White River and East Fork Hood River areas has resulted in frequent and costly repairs over the last 20 to 30 years, placing a severe burden on the limited resources available and negatively affecting the natural environment.

Roadway reconstruction work includes construction of temporary traffic lanes / lane widening for temporary traffic, construction of road embankment, installation of new bridges and large drainage structures (culverts), the placement of aggregate and asphalt. Debris materials, both naturally deposited and material moved to downstream locations by ODOT during emergency repairs, at White River will be removed and used as fill material for the roadway embankment. This area will then be shaped to simulate a more natural floodplain condition. The Clark Creek Sno-Park will be removed as a part of this action and the wetland area in and around it will be restored.

Two lanes of traffic will be open during the construction season and access to recreational areas will be unrestricted in the winter season. Construction is anticipated to begin in summer of 2010 and be complete by late fall of 2012.


Map showing general vicinity of project
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Project Details
Project # OR FS ER 2007
Project Name Highway 35 Betterments
Location Mt. Hood National Forest, OR
Status Completed
Awarded to Tapani Underground, Inc.
Award Date 4 June 2010
Award Amount $19,687,114.80
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Contact Information

Charles Dissen, Construction Operations Engineer
Phone: (360) 619-7979
Email: charles.dissen@dot.gov

Elisa Carlsen, Environmental Protection Specialist
Phone: (360) 619-7674
Email: elisa.carlsen@dot.gov

Charles Mikkola, Project Engineer
Project Site: (503) 272-3091 (Apr 1 - Dec 1)
Cell: (360) 907-0685
Email: charles.mikkola@dot.gov

Federal Highway Administration
Western Federal Lands Highway Division
610 East Fifth Street
Vancouver, WA 98661-3801

Highway 35: A partnership project of the USDOT, USFS, and ODOT